Facial recognition is completely revolutionizing the way that people live their lives in China, and it won’t be long until the rest of the world feels those same effects, too. Introducing Face++, a mind-blowing facial recognition company and software that is seeing current integration all over the Chinese market.

Used by over 300,000 developers in a number of different countries, Face++ was made to identify not only faces, but images, government IDs, text, and more. This intense cognitive service software may just be the next big thing in terms of streamlining security and workflow, though how did it all come about? Let’s unlock this face secret.


When was Face++ First Introduced?

The idea of facial recognition dates back to the 1990s when the US Defense Department was searching for new ways to catch criminals after they crossed the border. It was first used in public during the 2001 Super Bowl game for law enforcement officials to search for terrorists in the large crowds.

The first version of Face++ was released back in 2012 and is currently the most popular facial recognition software on the market for APIs and SDKs. The software started out in the world of popular consumer apps such as Meitu and Alipay, a beauty app and a payment app, respectively. 

As the company’s popularity continued to grow, they began to make the shift from the narrow realm of face recognition technology to face searching, face comparing, human body recognition, identity verification, and more. 

What is Face++?

Face++ is a software that now combines facial recognition, body recognition, image beautifying, and image recognition. The software can detect a face in a picture and use stored data of that facial structure to bring up information about the person that it belongs to. It can utilize body recognition by detecting and analyzing key structural components of the body for the same reason.

Alipay, Ant Financial’s massive payment platform, uses Face++ to confirm identities before making purchases or setting up bank accounts. There are also a few train stations in Beijing that use Face++ to match national IDs with the faces of passengers for ticket verification. 

Face++ in Movies and Pop Culture

While the Face++ company has not specifically been mentioned in any popular films or television shows, the idea of facial recognition has been around in Hollywood sci-fi for quite some time. There are a wide variety of movies that explore the more ominous side of facial recognition.

One recent Steven Spielberg film entitled Ready Player One has a villian who uses drones equipped with facial recognition scanners to hunt down the hero of the movie.

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As more and more companies begin integrating this kind of facial recognition software into their products, we will start seeing it more in the public sphere. This will come as no surprise to the millions of people who already used the popular facial recognition software that was the main selling point of the brand new iPhone X. 

Is Face++ the next best thing in security and streamlining or is it software based on the invasion of privacy to collect and sell data? It surely won’t be long until we find out.