How to Detect if Someone Is Using Your WiFi Connection and How To Stop It

As common as a home WiFi connection is today, it’s not exactly cheap. You probably pay a pretty penny for the luxury of your own network every month, so it’s not unreasonable to hope that you’re the only one using it. So what can you do if you suspect that someone else is cashing in on your WiFi?

Cracking The Code

While hacking into a WiFi network isn’t exactly easy, it’s not exactly hard either—particularly for people who understand the technology. Though certain types of networks are more secure than others, none are totally without their weaknesses. 


If your WiFi seems to be sluggish lately despite the fact that you’re not doing anything especially taxing, it’s a good idea to check that you’re the only one using it, and take action if you’re not. 

Checking Connections

The easiest and most low tech way to know if anyone else is using your WiFi is to simply disconnect all of your devices from you network, then take a look at your router. If the wireless signal light does not go out, you know that someone else is on your connection

There are a number of other, more complex and certain ways to check if someone is using your WiFi. This includes things like downloading a security app and check your router’s administrative console for a list of connected devices. 

If you see that there is, indeed, someone else using your connection, the best method to immediately kick them off is to change your password. Make sure it’s something complex; also check that you’re using a WPA2 connection as this is the most secure. 

Don’t just get angry when you think that someone else is leeching your WiFi connection, take some action to change the situation.