5G Mobile Connectivity

5G Mobile Connectivity

Each moment we live, technology is changing our world. It is revolutionizing the entire landscape of how we communicate, connect, discover, and invent at an exponential rate.

As we continue to look forward and anticipate the future, we must learn to realize that nothing has limits. Not our advancements. Not our discoveries. Not our improvements. 5G mobile connectivity can play a large part in shattering those limits and helping us envision new ones.


What Exactly is 5G and Why is it Better?

5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity and cellular network technology. It is way faster and more capable than both 4G and LTE, the most common modes of connectivity now. It originally began in South Korea, and has been experimented with by South Korea and the UK. Here are a few of the differences between 4G and 5G, and what makes 5G more dynamic:

  • 5G is over 100 times faster than 4G and can function up to 100 gigabits per second.
  • 5G has an extremely low latency, which will enable you to use it in place of a cable modem and Wi-Fi.
  • 5G will be able to handle a much larger range of connections, networks, and technologies. It is geared toward the future and will be able to handle new technologies that have not yet emerged.
  • 5G has a much lower rate of failure and prioritizes public safety and consistency internationally.

5G Can Build Our World Around us

The possibilities are endless, and we are still figuring out ways to use 5G to enhance our world. TechRadar, a well-known online publication that focuses on the future of technology, believes that 5G holds the key to self-driving vehicles. One of the first times a self-driving car was represented in film was in the 1966 version of Batman. The further preoccupation of this theme scientifically, and in connection with the highest level of connectivity, demonstrates the reciprocal link between media, pop-culture, and scientific advancement. Other examples of portrayed driverless cars include in The Love Bug, The Knight Rider, and Total Recall.

5G Wifi, when used in an automated vehicle, provides a server that is infallible because, on our current network, a disconnection of a self-driving vehicle can be extremely dangerous. This will allow quick adjustments, updates, and proactive problem-solving in a previously impossible way. 

5G can also hold the key to the smart home. The smart-home, as well, can be incredibly dangerous and problematic if interrupted or slow-moving. Alongside this, 5G connectivity can also support and improve healthcare, education, law firms, and just about every other industry by providing tools to connect and communicate at a higher level.

TechRadar calls 5G our “biggest opportunity” to boost infrastructure, connectivity, industry, and communication. Its explosive features and infallibility will be able to completely alter the reality of how technology is used and where technology is used. 

When Can We Expect to See 5G?

5G is already being used and tested in a variety of ways, and many companies have announced the launch of products that utilize this futuristic cellular technology. Here are a few examples of what you can look for:

  • In July, Lenovo announced the launch of 5G laptops by the end of 2019. They will have a battery life lasting all day.
  • In mid-July, Vodafone announced a launch in the UK of a box that can provide unlimited 5G for under 50 pounds a month.
  • In early August, information went out that 5G MacBooks are slated to arrive in 2020.


It is exhilarating to imagine how 5G can further expand our technological horizons. It is already sparking a range of new ways to connect and alter the landscape of everyday life. Foreseeably, it will only continue to open more doors through trials and further understanding.