A Toilet that Analyzes Your Deposits

A Toilet that Analyzes Your Deposits

How would you feel if we told you that within your body, you have more microorganisms than there are people in the world? How about if we told you that there are more microorganisms in your body than there are stars and celestial bodies that we know of? 

All this is true, and it is becoming an increasingly more popular subject among scientists, doctors, philosophers, psychologists, and others. Within our body, we have an extensive collection of tiny microorganisms. Over a trillion, in fact. This is what is now called the human microbiome. The Smart Toilet, a toilet built to analyze the output of the body, is a critical piece of technology that came out of the desire to understand how the human microbiome impacts the body. The Smart Toilet enables this understanding and data gathering to happen outside of the doctor’s office or another medical setting.


Accepting Your House Guests

The inner workings of our microbiomes are becoming increasingly more attributed to the general health of our bodies and minds. We all have a unique collection of organisms, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses within our microbiota that work to create the conditions within our bodies. Image your body as New York City. Each microbiota is a person within the city–unique, functional, at times disruptive, but all working together to form a cohesive and dynamic setting.

Is it surprising that we are made of many different organisms when we so often consider ourselves individuals?  Is it shocking to consider that your body is the home to its own ecosystem and that you are not one, but you are trillions?

You and Your Organisms

The microbiome and its effects are still being explored and researched across many fields. Here are some of the things we know for a fact that the microbiome affects or regulates:

  • Helps control and regulate digestion
  • Connects to the condition of your immune system and reaction to specific pathogens
  • Contributes to metabolic functions
  • Affects psychological functions like mood
  • Determines your immunities and which bacteria you will react negatively to

The Pilgrimage from You to Your Toilet

The smart toilet is one of the first and only ways to monitor our microbiome and microbiota on a consistent, and even daily, basis. This is important because so often, a one-time analysis or check-in will not be consistent with the general condition of your gut. This will allow doctors to access and analyze more in-depth and consistent information on the body, and also save billions of dollars on an annual basis.

Hysterically enough, an early idea of a “talking toilet” emerged in the animation called Mr. Toilet Man. This outrageous short film, featuring Mel Brooks, invites in the idea of a toilet that can speak and interact with humans on a higher level. Of course, this toilet is much more comic and satirical than anything, but so much of technology is built out of satire.

The toilet can also monitor an array of other functions, also monitoring microbiota is considered the most dynamic. Here are a few:

  • Measure BMI
  • Analyze biochemical composition, such as sugar and protein
  • Tracks bowel movements to make sure they are healthy.


The smart toilet has the potential to change the way we interact and understand our bodies. Again, it will bring us closer to our health and to understanding our personal systems and inner makeup on a more intimate level. This is important in a world that often distances medical function from patients, and will allow the two to share the same space once again.