How to Use Your iPhone as A Security Camera

For as long as people have been able to record video, they’ve been using security cameras. Perhaps this is intrinsic human curiosity at work, or perhaps it’s simply a means of self preservation—either way, you’ve probably found yourself in a situation at least once where you wished you’d had a security camera set up. Now, you can make that happen very easily. 

Why Opt for Security?

You might think it feels a little paranoid to set up a security camera in your home, but that couldn’t be more true. Businesses and stores use these cameras to increase productivity and deter theft, so why shouldn’t you give yourself similar peace of mind? 

Maybe you haven’t pursued your own security camera system because you simply don’t think you can afford it. In reality, you can create a security camera out on your current or old phone. 

Creative Solutions

The first thing you need to create an iPhone security camera is, obviously, an iPhone. You’ll have the best results if you use an old phone, since there’s no chance of notifications interfering with the stream. If you simply want to record your front porch at night and are willing to set your phone to airplane mode, though, you could use your current iPhone. 

After you have your phone positioned in a good recording position and connected to a power source, you’ll need to download a security camera app. A good one will allow you to connect and view the feed from other devices. Set your security iPhone to camera mode, and your other devices to viewer mode, and you’ll be able to keep tabs on your home at all times. 

It’s hard to put a price tag on peace of mind, but turning your iPhone into a security camera will give you just that for virtually nothing.